Saturday, December 13, 2008

He is a party Animal

Okay, well maybe not a party animal..... considering that he slept the entire time. We were invited to a Oyster Roast, hosted by one of my partners at his home. It was a amazing party with a live band, great food and drinks- it was an Ikon Holiday 2008. It was fun to see everyone from work- it seems like I have been gone for months. Little 3 week old Zach was a hit- which comes as no surprise.

"Just look at him!" - Melanie

The Bride and Groom to be..... Jim and Amanda

Jack and Walt digging into steamin' Oysters
Benny and Sharon
It was a beautiful night, chilly but clear. Here we are conspiring to send John on sabbatical next summer so that we may "house sit" by the pool.
Jen, Benny and Melanie
Pam and Pete seeing Zach now remember how tiny Charlie was as a newborn, and are excited for #2's arrival.
Aunt Kathy meets Zach.... the rare moment that he was awake- although eyes are still closed in this picture.

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Janet Braun said...

Hi Jen and Brian,

Congratulations on the birth of Zach. He is beautiful and twice the weight of Patrick at birth! Browsing your blog, I do see why you moved back to SC. It's 10 degrees in STL today. I'm sure you've gotten lots of advice, but let me add mine. Forget the housework and spend as much time with him snoozing with you. They get big so fast. And my 11 year old with a size 9 mens shoe, who I shop for in the mens department now, doesn't go for that anymore!

Take care,

Janet Braun
An old neighbor in St. Louis