Sunday, August 30, 2009

9 Months

Zach saw his doctor for his 9 month visit this week. Here are the stats:

Weight 23 lbs 10 ox (90th %-ile)
Length 29 1/4 inches (90th %-ile)
Head circumference 18 3/4 inches (95th %-ile)

The pediatrician always begins the visit by asking us to brag about what Zach is doing. We told him that he loves to feed himself. Now he is able to wrap his little hands around the bottle, and even hold it in one hand. When he sees mom or dad he squeals, waves both hands in the air and bobs up and down. He did this last week when mom arrived to pick him up at day care, and she fell in love all over again! He has 6 teeth, but really does not like to eat baby food. He has a steel trap mouth with expert dodging skills. Mom asked a friend how she got her son to eat- she said, "Well we just sent the food to day care and let them figure it out!" So how is that going? The food containers return home empty. In the mean time we are experimenting with normal table food. He has had cantaloupe, watermelon, crackers and green beans. On the mobilization front Zach gets very frustrated, well aware that he want to move. He scoots. On his bottom when sitting up. Around 360 degrees. Toward an object. He can get on all fours, but as soon as he tries to lunge forward he is flat on his tummy. This is not at all bad, in fact this strategy was used to reach mom's diet pepsi this week. Mom found Zach lying in a puddle of soda, splashing his hands and giggling. We refer to it as our first crawling incident. Zach loves to stand, and is working hard to pull himself up. The doctor suggested we not pull him up anymore, allowing him to get stronger. Now Zach is very offended by this. He looks up at us, sticks out his bottom lip as to say, "Now why are you doing this to me!" Other times when he is very pleased with us he will offer a proud "High Five!" Each time he smacks our hand we shout BAM! Which always leads to a stream of giggles. Now we are working on clapping. Now we have not forgotten about our big kid, Smokey. His favorite pastime is attacking the baby bottles. It is a constant task to remember to keep them out of his reach. In the meantime Dr. Brown's is making a small fortune (at $6 per bottle!) Zach knows Smokey by the jingling of his collar. He is always looking for him after hearing the sound. Zack loves to pet Smokey, and Smokey loves to give kisses. Especially when there is milk involved!

To summarize Zachary at 9 months, he is a passive soul who delights in the smallest things. He is keenly aware of his surroundings and appears surprisingly thoughtful for his age. Zach has a sense of humor, using his words and expressions to draw in then crack up any who will catch his spell. He loves to be with mom and dad but instead of being held prefers sitting or standing close in a position to absorb the world with their protection. He loves to sleep, loves to swim, loves to dance. He is absolutely impossible to resist!


Jessica said...

Is his hair red, or just a trick in the picture???

JC said...

Yep Auntie Jessica it is RED! It looks reddish dark blond. His eyes were blue but now look more green.