Saturday, March 22, 2008

Maybe, maybe not, hopefully so

Dad has been excited about the prospect of a little baby. Today he encouraged me to take a pregnancy test. It was negative. I was sad, but dad tried to take my mind off of it by changing the subject. He took me out to lunch, to the movie and then to a musical. He is good like that.

This afternoon I studied my spreadsheet. Since I am a scientist it is one of the things I enjoy doing. I have been keeping track of all of the signs my body might make to suggest that you are on the way. By my review I figure there is still a chance you might come this month. One more week until we know for sure. It is a bit unusual (but special) that your mother figures like this. It is because I am a doctor, and my work is the human body.

I feel anxious about finding out if our wait is over, or if we will need to wait longer for you to arrive. I have been working to prepare for your arrival, so much love is waiting for you. When I look in the mirror I see a glow in my face. I figure that must be a good sign. You will recognize the glow some day. It will be around the smile you see as I watch you do all of the amazing things your little soul will love to do.

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