Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The first bath

We are fortunate to have a special nurse, Linda. She is a doula, lactation teacher and nursery nurse. She was at our side during the labor and delivery.

Linda also teaches us special tricks..... for one after Zach was born they did the Apgar scores (9 and 9 by the way) and handed him to me. He stayed on my chest for the next 2 hours. With delayed antibiotic eye ointment he was able to see me, and his dad. He was able to nurse (with a lot of help from Linda) it was so amazing to feed this little creature. He was so close to me it was hard to take him all in at once. The natural instinct was to examine every inch, but as he nursed in my arms it was a gradual study. Eyes, forehead, ears, nose, chin, fingers.

He did not have a bath right away, Linda explained that when the dried amniotic fluid coats the skin the scent will affect my hormones to promote nursing. So the full survey came this morning when we gave him his first bath. With Linda at our side, of course.

Here are pictures of Zach 12 hours old. His first bath.

Linda & Zach

Family Photos

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Bethy said...

Hello handsome. Cousin bethy can't wait to give you lovin'. Your cousin's Brenah and Ashlinn are looking forward to playing with you when you get older.