Thursday, November 27, 2008


After two nights in the hospital it was time to head home. But first time to get dressed......

Then a lesson from Linda on how to carry the baby.

Practice in the car seat, strap one (check), strap two (check), buckle one (check), buckle two (check).

After eating and a nap.........

We're off!!!

In the car.

Daddy is driving with precious cargo.

Out of the car......

Special delivery, home at last.

Huh, grrrr, mmmmmm, ahhhhhh.......

Smokey assumes his position guarding the new little one.

All is well in the Peura house.

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Aunt Curmi said...

Dear Zack - YOU ARE ONE GORGEOUS YOUNG MAN!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD> I know your mom and dad are taking great care of you. If you WERE to need anything, just call me and I'll take care of it.

Sleep well.

Love and kisses, Great Aunt Curmi