Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Zero-th Birthday!

We have a date with a pitocin drip in the morning. It is customary for expecting parents to be excited and crazed with anticipation as the due date approaches. We are fortunate I suppose, to know that our wait is almost over!

So how to pass the time? We spent the day relaxing, napping, watching Season 6 of 24, taking walks around the block- and tonight celebrating!

The final belly picture..... 39 weeks. Do you think it is a 50 pound baby?

It will be a big day tomorrow- there is a reason they call it labor I suppose.

I feel grateful that the testing on Thursday suggests a healthy baby. Grateful I was able to work until the end. Grateful for the last two weeks of rest.

A new beginning for a little person whose name will be Zachary Alexander- a new life. What an amazing birthday gift!


Uncle Jeff said...

Can't wait to meet you, Zach! You have the coolest parents!

Nathan Parsons said...

Zach, you are one loved little guy. Happy birthday to you and congratulations to your wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Zachary,

Already you are loved beyond measure. We are ready to welcome you to the world!

Love, Grammie and Grandfather Peura

Grandma Cook said...

Zach,just thinking of you makes us smile! Your Mom, Dad and Smokey are ready. It is amazing how much joy you have brought to our family while waiting for your arrival. We love you tons! Grandma and Grandpa Cook

Anonymous said...

Who ate the cupcake? Mrs. Cook's
1st Grade Changing Familes Group

Aunt Carol said...

Zachary is one beautiful baby!!!!!
I am so happy for you and Brian, and of course Smokey too. You make such a beautiful family. Happy Birthday to Zachary & Happy Thanksgiving.