Friday, April 25, 2008

Responses to Ultrasound photo

From: Sue Cook (
Sent: Thu 4/24/08 11:25 PM
To: Jennifer Peura (

Thanks for sending first baby picture to us. Dad and I really enjoyed looking at our grandchild. Although we were not sure what was what, we were confident that the child is beautiful, brilliant and athletic. Have fun visiting Jeff and Peura's. Tell Kristin I was so glad she called. Take good care of yourself. Love, Mom

RE: A 1 cm Peura!‏
From: Kristin Peura (
Sent: Wed 4/23/08 4:54 PM
To: 'Jennifer Peura' (

Dear Jen,
WOW!!!! Very impressive. I am so happy for you. Please keep us in the loop on everything.

Love, Mom

Auntie Sarah
Subject: RE: pic
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 18:29:17 -0500

I think he looks like me….

(Your Auntie Sarah had an immediate hunch you would be a boy. I think the chance is still 50/50, but if a boy- she called it first!)

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